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Frau Leseratte & Mr. Bookworm

The imagery of this wall of an elementary school in Belgium takes the school’s pupils and other viewers on a literary expedition. Nowadays, reading a book has become more and more obsolete and forgotten by the youngest of our society, who grow up in an ever-changing digital environment. Reading takes us on a journey, full of imagination and interpretation, an interaction between reader and writer and a process of sharing information and stimulating creativity.
With Frau Leseratte & Mr. Bookworm, the viewer is taken onto that literary journey through the connection between two characters. The rat flying on a book holding on to the bookmark, stands for the German word ‘Leseratte’ or the French word ‘rat de bibliothèque’, which can be translated to ‘reading rat’. Alongside the rat flies the worm, more precisely the ‘bookworm’. These two different characters express the same meaning, automatically creating a connection which allows them to have their literary trip together. The rat is wearing a sailor suit and cap, the worm is flying on a biplane, enhancing the perception of the journey which can be experienced through reading.


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