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Iron Mope

May 2022 - Urban Art Biennale, Völklinger Hütte

For the creation of his piece Iron Mope, Alain Welter (aka Mope) chose wooden panels as medium in combination with a limited colour palette consisting of mainly red, black and yellow. The choice to refer to Iron Maiden was made by the fact of the Biennale taking place at the The Völklingen Ironworks, an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, and the exhibition The World of Music being on view throughout the Urban Art Biennale. The mouse, which is Alain’s main character, is a rip-off of Eddie, the mascot of the English heavy metal band. Eddie is a recurring fixture of Iron Maiden’s artwork, appearing on all of their album covers as well as being the most recognizable and versatile metal icon in the world. Making an allusion to their song Run To The Hills the phrase Run To The Walls brings the artwork into the context of its exhibition space.

Artists who participated in past editions of the Urban Art Biennale include Banksy, Shepard Fairey (Obey), JonOne, Cope2, Os Gêmeos, Invader, Jef Aérosol, Vhils, among others.




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