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Simply 4 Funky Ingredients

February 2022

Bofferding, the largest brewery in Luxembourg and Supporting Partner of Esch2022, European Capital of Culture, aimed to make art more accessible and promote graffiti to modernise its brand. Alain did the remake of their 6-packs, labels, glasses and coasters - a first for the brand, which has never undertaken such a makeover.

Alain thus created the ‘Beer Gang’ by personifying the four ingredients of the Bofferding Pils recipe (hops, malt, yeast and water). As a graffiti artist he chose to realise the design for the bottle labels and casing of the 6-packs using his usual medium, namely spray paint on a giant tarp, which was later digitalised.

The collector's glass is produced in 15.000 copies and is available in all supermarkets in Luxembourg. Additionally, 1.5 million coasters have been produced and will circulate throughout the year in the Horesca sector.

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